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Swat Darul Aman turns hotbed for rampant corruption and chaos, President DBA


*Swat Darul Aman turns hotbed for rampant corruption and chaos, President DBA*

Haroon Siraj

SWAT: President of Swat Bar Association, Saeed Khan Advocate, has asserted that the Swat Darul Aman (Women Shelter Houses and Crisis Centre) is a breeding ground for widespread corruption and disorder. He claims that corruption is escalating daily within these centers in Swat. He accuses the staff, particularly Nusrat, in charge of Darul Aman Swat, of fueling corruption within the centers by accepting bribes from oppressed women and their families under various pretexts. He makes these allegations during a media briefing here on Monday. Darul Amans (Women Shelter Houses and Crisis Centre) are provincially operated shelter homes, overseen by a Superintendent supported by a Warden, a Vocational Teacher, and other staff. Saeed clarified that the concerned Superintendent (women in-charge) is not implicated in corrupt practices but is also neglecting human and women’s rights.

According to the details, the Swat Bar Association received numerous complaints about the Superintendent (Incharge) of Darul Aman, prompting the Cabinet of the District Bar, under the supervision of President Saeed Khan Advocate, to form a panel committee. This committee, comprising three lawyers, including female Advocate Karishma Khan, Bar’s General Secretary Dunya Zeb, and the bar librarian secretary, will provide free legal aid and counseling to oppressed and innocent women in Darul Aman Swat. During their investigation, the legal team discovered that the provincial government allocated 20 million in their annual fiscal budget for welfare, recreational activities, medical aid, physio support, and ensuring quality food.

Talking with media men, President Swat Bar Association, Saeed Khan Advocate, alleges that Nusrat, Incharge of Darul Aman Swat, has been embezzling funds and failing to fulfill her job responsibilities. He claims she neglected basic medical aid and facilities, citing an incident where recently a woman gave birth without a doctor and medical team in this center. Saeed Khan further went on saying that the legal team possesses video evidence of Nusrat’s mistreatment of women in these centers. He claims that Nusrat, along with some female lawyers, blackmails innocent oppressed women to leave the centers or arrange money for further stay.

Karishma Khan, an Advocate legal team member, states that they are providing free legal assistance to oppressed and innocent women of Darul Aman Swat. However, she points out that Nusrat, the woman in charge, is the primary obstacle to delivering justice. Karishma Khan reports that, through legal aid, they have successfully released 15 women from these centers. She further claims that Nusrat’s inappropriate behavior with oppressed women is causing mental and anxiety issues.

According to the research of Saliha Ramay from the Provincial Commission on the Status of Women, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Darul Amans lack regular legal aid services for their women residents. The lack of progress on their cases contributes to frustration among women. Media reports indicate that over 5,000 women were brought to Darul Aman in KP in the last five years. In KP, as many as 1,113 women, victims of domestic violence, divorce, mental torture, and other problems, on average, have to go to Darul Aman. The Swat legal community demands immediate intervention from the interim Provincial government and Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to take stern action against Nusrat, the woman in charge of Darul Aman Swat.

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