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Swat Jirga concerned over presence of miscreants


SWAT(By Haroon Siraj/ ENN) Swat Quami Jirga expressed their serious concerns over the recent moment of miscreants in Swat valley. The jirga raised number of questions to authorities that despite excessive presence of state forces in Swat, the emergence of lawlessness groups is regrettable but it is a question mark on the capabilities of the state and the government as well. The jirga was held under the leadership of Mukhtar Khan Yousafzai, which was attended by elders, including Sher Shah Khan, Abdul Jabbar Khan, Sher Bahadar Khan, Ahmad Shah Khan, Khuwaja Muhammad Khan, Dr Khalid Mehmood Umar Ali khan
Irfan chattan and others. On this occasion victims and elders of the construction of Swat Expressway phase-II were also present. The
speakers said that state institutions’ role is suspicious while spreading
fear among locals in Swat without their support. They said, it is sad that such a situation is not possible without the facilitation
and patronage of powerful circles. They said that peace talks should done through Parliament with Taliban and whatever the situation is no citizen of Swat will leave their homes and the situation will be fought with courage. The participants reiterated their commitment to the Swat Qaumi Jirga for sustainable peace in Swat and the defense of
all rights of the people.
The Jirga members said that the construction of Swat Expressway phase-II is a key step for the promotion of tourism in the area but they demanded the government build it along the river bank and save the fertile land.
Jirga asked the chief minister to change the decision in the best interest of the area and save the land owner from looming starvation.

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