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Contesting only to bring women in political process, says Nahid Afridi



“I am not taking part in election merely to win but for the political liberty of women in Pakistan” said Nahid Afridi.

It doesn’t matter to me that I win or loose the election, my only goal is to make women of this region chastely but bring them out them from domestic life towards the political arena.

Nahid Afridi, nominated by Awami National Party (ANP), taking part in upcoming elections from PK 106 Khyber two.

According to her the political discussion has now shifted from Hujra to homes, and that is why now women’s have some know-how and power of Voting.

She further elaborated ”I use to go “door to door” to mobilise and aware women to raise voice, know your right don’t become suppressed”.

She claimed that a region like this where we do live “ from past 60 years women aren’t allowed to be a part of Politics, here it is hard to win from men, but it’s the beginning and it will have a positive effect in future.

The provincial election were announced on 2 July in tribal areas, but due to security issues the provincial government filed an application to election commission to postpone it for a month, however the election commission decide to postpone it for 18 days and take the election on 20 July.

Nahid Afridi many times criticized the decision of Election commission, that it is not clear Government will be able to make the election in true way.

She said in 2013 and 2018 the situation was more dangerous as we had more security issues.

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