Dr Hasan, a crusader for human rights be remembered always, PIPFPD


KARACHI (ENN) Dr. Mehdi Hasan, a teacher, a longtime crusader for media freedom, secularism and human rights, passed away in Lahore yesterday ( 23 February). Dr Hasan was a fearless critique of religious nationalism. He held that Pakistan would never be a true democracy, it it held on to religious nationalism. He was an ardent advocate of religious freedom, freedom of conscience and speech. He taught journalism at Punjab University and later at the Beacon House National University. He was elected twice the Chair-Person of HRCP. He was a member of HRCP’s Executive Council. Dr. Hasan was an active member of PIPFPD from the time of its inception. He participated in all the programmes and contributed meaningfully in various forums.
Dr. Hasan was a brother and close co-worker of Dr. Mubashir Hasan, one of our founders.
We the members of PIPFPD in Pakistan and India will miss him dearly. His passing away at this critical time is a serious blow to Peace and Human Rights movement on the sub-continent. PIPFPD ectemds deep condolences to his family and friends.

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