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Helping hands… By Sameera Shahzad Alam


Tharparkar, Sindh, Solar Powered Water Well Project is being installed by Helping Hands Foundation.

At the time of heatstroke, a beneficial group known as the Helping Hands Foundation supported and facilitated people in their crucial and critical times. The main purpose of this foundation is to help all who are needy and in difficult situations. The work they did was providing medicines to 5,000 families at Jinnah Hospital when there was a heat wave in Karachi.
Believing in interfaith harmony, a young person Saad Riaz Kagdi said that this is one of the best ways to be satisfied. He is the founder of this foundation. This young man is very interested in helping poor masses across Sindh province and he has also installed hand pumps, provided necessities, and food to all communities. This is a very good message from Pakistan regarding peace and interfaith harmony.
Saad Riaz threw light on his work during a meeting with us. “I traveled to the populated areas and surrounding cities of Sindh to promote the delivery of humanitarian drives. After communicating with many people, I learned that the elements of violent aggression and resentment are due to not being educated”, he said.
Distribution of packets of ration in Thana Bhulla Khan for widows, persons with disability and orphans by Helping Hands Foundation. While talking to this young activist, we learned that he appreciates humanity. He said that it gives him satisfaction when he supports all in the province. “I don’t think about race, gender, and color when it comes to helping people. Now the work and motivation from this organization is injecting peace, sincerity, and harmony in those who were away from these values.
While appreciating his organization, he said that he has kept the name of this foundation ‘Helping Hands Foundation’ after getting appreciation from helping people in Jinnah Hospital. “My efforts have resulted in keeping pessimism and ignorance at bay in my province”, he boasted. If basic needs are fulfilled, no one will have to resort to petty crimes or feel resentful of others, and it will generate a peaceful environment in our society, he added.
In reply to our correspondent, he said, “This is the result of my work to support deprived people and communities through fulfilling their basic needs”. After Sindh province, the foundation also moved to Punjab. In December 2021, two projects of Masjid in Rahim Yar Khan were completed by them.
When someone evaluates the legislations of Islam with an open mind, the Mercy mentioned in its verses will become apparent. About giving such respect, he described, “We help non-Muslim because they are humans too. Our organization treats them in the same manner”. He was questioned about receiving negative comments over helping non-Muslims. He replied that no one has ridiculed him yet. But people judge if they get to know that they are Hindus or non-Muslim.
He was also asked about wiping out intolerance and bringing peace to society. He responded that the Helping Hands Foundation helps the needy to make a better impact; foods, clothes, homes, and health are the main needs for people. If these all are fulfilled, society will be peaceful. In short, the organization is doing its best to promote peace in Pakistan and help people from every color, sect, religion, caste, gender, language, region, faith, sect, province, and city.

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