Shahzaib murder case: Death penalty of Jatoi, Talpur turned into life imprisonment


KARACHI (By Lala Hassan) Sindh High Court (SHC) has turned death penalty of two convicts into life imprisonment in Shahzaib murder case here on Monday.

SHC while hearing the appeal of convict Shah Rukh Jatoi, Siraj Talpur and tow others gave its verdict on Monday by turning death penalty of Shah Rukh and Siraj Talpur into imprisonment for life and kept the same for two other convicts in the case.

Anti Terrorism Court had given death penalty to Shah Rukh Jatoi and Siraj Talpur in Shahzaib murder case; while Murtaza Lashari and Sajjad Talpur were given life imprisonment.

SHC bench also rejected the reconciliation application between the parties.

Now convicted can make appeal against the verdict. All four convicted are already in the prison.

Moreover convicted had killed student Shahzaib in 2012 followed by a minor conflict in Defense area of Karachi. The father of deceased had pardoned the convicted as per Qisas and Diyat Law of Pakistan but court rejected it.

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