Punjab University student picked up by unknown armedmen from home


LAHORE (ENNS/MD) A Punjab University student Mohsin Abdali, who was completing his MPhil in Agricultural Sciences at the university, has allegedly been picked up by “unidentified men” in Lahore on Thursday morning.

According to initial report, submitted by Abdali’s family to Baghbanpura police station said incident of kidnapping.

The initial information added that 10-12 unidentified men had knocked on the door of their house at 4am. When his father opened the door, all the unidentified men forcefully entered the house on gunpoint.

The report said the men had pushed, shoved and started to hit them and warned that if anyone made noise, they would “kill them”.

The complainant said that his brother, who was sleeping in the room, was shaken awake by the men, who hit him, dragged him out on gunpoint and forced him to sit in a car outside the house.

The complainant added that the individuals had reentered their house and taken his brother’s laptop, mobile phone as well as his father’s phone. He said his brother was kidnapped on gunpoint and taken away.

The Progressive Students’ Collective also issued a statement about the incident and said that at 4am, men in plain clothes broke into Abdali’s house in the Shalimar area in Lahore.

“They harassed and abused his family, took away laptops and phones and did not convey on what charge or accusation he was being investigated or picked up for.”

As per the PSC, Abdali is a student activist who had organised the Student Solidarity March and the Climate March. They added that his last public appearance prior to his disappearance was a demonstration organised by the Women Democratic Front which called for the release of Awami Workers Party activists.

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