Ordeal of bride who could not see her groom in US


PESHAWAR (ENNS) A newly-married Zoha, 18, was allegedly poisoned to death by her in-laws in Gandaf village in district Swabi of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Police is waiting for post mortem report after registering an initial report of the incident.
The parents of Zoha have nominated her mother-in-law Khatun Bibi and her brother-in-law Mohsin Khan as the main suspects.
Zoha was married to Shahbaz Khan six months ago and Khan is currently working in the USA.

According to reports Shahbaz Khan was supposed to take Zoha to the US after a few days but in-laws were reluctant to send her broad.

According to family, soon after marriage, Khatun Bibi allegedly kept torturing Zoha — sometimes beating her up or accusing her of having relations with someone else.
Zoha kept facing torture as hoping to leave soon with her husband for US,” Zoha’s father, Riaz Khan, told ENNS.

Zoha’s elder sister Aman, wife of Mohsin Khan, is also married in the same family.

According to Aman, Zoha kept screaming with pain pleading her in-laws to take her to a hospital, but her mother-in-law had locked her in room saying it is just low blood pressure and nothing serious.
“Our mother-in-law even snatched my mobile phone so that I do not inform my parents,” Aman told the police in her initial statement.
“Zoha was taken to a local hospital in Topi when she was almost choking to death after eight hours,” she added.
The Gadoon Amazai Industrial Estate Police Station House Officer, Farooq Khan, told ENNS that they were waiting for the chemical examination report to launch proper investigation.
Though the police believe it looks like a planned murder but even then they are still waiting for the forensic report since last week.

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