Legislation on Cyber Security inevitable, fake news detection can be possible through technology, say experts


KARACHI (ENNS) Pakistani Media should be well equipped with Cyber Security to meet the challenges of new era, observed the experts and participants of the panel discussion titled “Media: Fake News Detection & Cyber Security”, jointly organized by CPNE Media Academy, Pakistan Information Security Association and CPNE Editors Club at CPNE Auditorium Karachi.

The speakers expressed the need of legislation on cyber security as it was inevitable for humans and the protection of individual rights.

The panel discussion was moderated by former ENN editor in chief and CPNE Media Academy Manager Lala Hassan.

Former Additional Director General of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Ammar Jaffery said that country needed law on Cyber Security as the existing Cyber Crimes Law did not address the issues of Cyber Security. Mr. Jaffery suggested that media professionals should be well equipped with Cyber Security skills, so that they might detect fake news by using the modern technology.

Dr. Jabbar Khattak, Secretary General CPNE said that it was challenge for media professionals to differentiate between the real and fake news due to heavy flow of information on social media and other sources. He said the issue of fake news was linked with basic human rights and it should be considered crime against humans like fake medicine and contaminated food were dealt.

“Access to Information and Right to Know are the fundamental rights like health, food and education; therefore fake news is the violation of human rights” he further added. Dr. Khattak emphasized that if publication of fake news continued in print and electronic, it would damage the credibility of the media. He suggested that media professionals should equip themselves for future media rather being worried for the future of present day media.

Broadcast journalist Ms. Sundus Rasheed suggested that media houses should establish fake news detecting desks to strengthen the credibility of the media.

The data journalist Ms. Ramsha Jahangir observed that future journalism would be based on data, facts and figures; therefore we should be fully prepared to meet the challenges of the data journalism. She said fake news were created and disseminated by using technology which may be confronted by detecting fake news through same advanced technology.

Syed Hamid Hussain Abidi, Chairman CPNE Editors Club, announced to establish Cyber Security Desk at Media Academy in Karachi.

CPNE’s Deputy Secretary General Aamer Mahmood while welcoming the participants emphasized to take stern action against privacy of content of Periodic & Magazines due to which their sale had been compromised.

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