Green Thar (desert)! By Dr Badar Abbasi


“Two to three months ago along with my family, I was in Nangar parker (Tharparkar district of Sindh)”. It was a rainy season and on one day during our stay there we also experienced the rain. I came outside and started observing the rain falling down on the earth and earth was open and receptive, embracing the moisture of rain.

Later on the earth was lush green. So when you listen the teaching allow yourself just like earth, to be open, to be receptive and spring forth lush green. What we receive, if one word or one sentence is helpful for us then it will be a worthy experience of time together.
It is delight to be together this morning and as I was coming to give a talk, I was reflecting on my own Life that let me to this Mindfulness Meditation path.
I remembered the mess I was having in my life. I remembered the tense relationship with my son. So I was pushed to this path. I know we all have different stories. But there might be some commonality. When I recall first teaching that I heard from a spiritual teacher saying that the mindfulness meditation practice is a path to wake up.
When I listened this word”wake-up,” my mind instantly went into my childhood, listening my mother “wake up it is morning.” She was used to consistently saying me- You should wake up yourself. You should wake up yourself. Wake-up. So I recognised that this path is the perfect path for me.
It is all about waking up. Waking up to ourselves. Waking up to our real situation. Waking up to situations of others. It can be said that the whole of Mindfulness Meditation practice circles around waking up to the reality of the functioning of the truth in our daily life, in our experience.
The first of those truth is “recognising what is really happening within us and around us. The capacity to recognise what is really taking place. It is not our Idea about what is taking place or it is not our interpretation of our experience, but what is actually taking place. That’s the miracle.
Mindfulness Meditation practice brings us to life. It helps us to become more and more awake and present to our lived experience and that is truly a miracle. When I think about this question of waking up, waking up to myself, or ourselves, or yourself, I like to ask myself what is it that I need to wake up to. What is it that you need to wake up to. This is perhaps the one of the most important question we can ask ourselves, ask each other. What is it in this moment of time. What we need to wake up individually and collectively. What is it all about? Why do we bother? Why do you become mindfulness meditation practitioner? Why you are sitting in this session right now? Why I am still a meditation practitioner? What discoveries have I made on this journey? What brought me here in this moment to give a talk? These questions are very helpful for us to take ownership of our path, ownership of our journey. It is Life in each of us right here, right now. It is the important willingness to ask us these questions.
And also look at our approach to Meditation practice. Every single being without any exception, has the capacity to wake up this unobstructed mind. If we find ourselves at times discouraged, or told l am bad practitioner or I am unmindful, all of us, me, you, without exception have this capacity to wake up.
We all have the seed of goodness that we call the pure nature. Don’t try to be good. You are already born with innate basic goodness. You just have to recognise it and nurture it.
Mindfulness meditation is a process of uncovering what being there-the innate basic goodness. It is process to recognise our basic goodness. It is not something that we need to obtain from someone else or something else. It is the process of developing the capacity of turn around and see what is being there all along. We are already, what we want to become. Let us say we want to become peaceful, we want to become happy, we want to become free from pain and suffering but the truth is “we are already that which we seek.”
“We already are what we want to become.” In this sense that we recognise the power to choose. To choose how to interpret our experiences and causes and conditions and choices we make, the sufferings that we have, the joys that we have- in this moment. We have the power to choose at different ways. We have power to choose how to respond. It is always important in our meditation practice to recognise the underneath all these layers of difficulties, of interpretations, of sufferings that there is innate basic goodness in each of us.
Otherwise we will approach the practice with sense of, l need to fix myself. I need to get rid of my this or that habit in order to obtain something else. Once I get rid of my anger, every thing will be perfect. Once I get rid of my depression, get rid of my fear, get rid of my jealousy, everything will be perfect. And so we get into vicious cycle. Because in that sense our attention is outside. Our attention is outside of that spacious place within ourselves, that we do have within us and each living being has within them. We have our sufferings and difficulties-yes- but also we have this spaciousness that I firmly believe each one of us would not be here in this session.
And that is the wonderful place to begin.
Brothers, now forget about who said what. Just practice, practice and practice.

Note: This mindfulness maditation session was delivered by renowned practitioner Dr Badar Abbasi at Karachi.

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