CPNE president irked over attack on Dawn office


LAHORE (ENNS) The Council of Pakistan Newspapers Editors (CPNE) President Arif M Nizami expressed concerns  over the besiegement of daily Dawn newspaper’s offices in Islamabad and demanded the government put an end to attacks on the media.

A few dozen unidentified people staged a ‘protest’ outside Dawn offices over publication of a news report regarding the ethnicity of the London Bridge attacker who stabbed two persons to death last week.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Nizami said that under the incumbent regime, the attacks on journalism have increased manifold which point towards its hostility towards the so-called fourth pillar of state.

He condemned the statements made by sitting ministers that preceded the attack, saying that the remarks were a source of concern for the journalist community.

He questioned the silence of the government officials on the incident, saying the policies employed by the government against media are hurting journalists.

The CPNE chief said the censorship imposed by the state apparatus will not do the country any good, adding that journalists must be free to report independently without any fear or pressure from the state quarters.

“Free media is vital for the political, economic, defence, and cultural stability of the country as it provides a platform to express and disseminate various type of information and opinions with all kinds of diversity; thus creates enabling environment for a tolerant society,” the CPNE President further added.

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