BISP extends support for children in poverty hit Sherani district


ZHOB (ENNS) “Hundreds of children belonging to far-off areas of Sherani district have been enrolled and financially supported under Benazir Income Support Programme. The programme is aimed to financially support the primary education of 4-12 years old children of BISP beneficiary families for their enrolments and retention,” said District Programme Coordinator Balochistan Rural Support Program Sherani Qasim Khan Sherani while talking to this scribe at his office.

He said children belonging to BISP beneficiary families have been registered with Waseela-e-Taleem (WeT) and enrolled at local schools in every nook and corner of the district in order to educate them.

“Balochistan Rural Support Programme with the support of Benazir Income Support Programme is implementing its Waseela-e-Taleem programme in four districts of Balochistan including Sherani,” he said, adding each BISP beneficiary family also receives cash assistance quarterly per child. So that they can complete primary education in conformity with the permissible compliance parameters including the maximum duration of seven years. The program head explained.

DPC-BRSP said that annually 3.5 million presumed and confirmed malaria cases take place in the country. BRSP with the financial support of The Indus Hospital is implementing its Malaria control interventions in 11 Districts of Balochistan under the Global Fund grant for malaria – Sherani is one of them.

“The project deliverables include capacity building of target health facilities staff on diagnosis & treatment guidelines, provision of RDTs, reporting and surveillance through public and private health facilities in the district,” adding distribution of Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs), awareness campaigns regarding malaria and behavior change communication are the major components.

“Thousands people including women and children suffering from malaria have been tested and treated at the proposed health facilities in far-off areas of the district,” he added.

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