About Us

Eye News Network (ENN) Service is the Pakistan’s first ever online Multi Languages News Wire Service for promoting and defending freedom of media and civic liberties with responsible and ethical journalism. Our outreach is throughout Pakistan including FATA, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

We also operate as a watchdog of media outlets keeping a close check on their practices, content and accuracy of information, by sharing our insights for better journalism.

We provide News service in English and Urdu; while publish news at our Web in Sindhi and Pashtu as well.

Website: www.eyenewsnetwork.com


We aim at having Free Media with responsible, ethical, productive and safer journalism approaches for Just, democratic, equal, tolerant and peaceful society.

Media Editorial Advisory and Complaints board

Email: contact@eyenewsnetwork.com

ENNS is accredited by Government of Pakistan under Registration No. 3460-Cpr….. File # 12/20/2006-PR with Declaration from Karachi, Sindh.