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Humanity Beyond Color, Race, Religion: By Jawish Nayyer


A big difference between a good relationship and humanity makes a think tank consider that humanity is not about building and nurturing a remarkable relationship with one another. Sympathy, civilization, and care are considered parts of humanity. But humanity is about building relationships between societies with the help of lasting values, giving love in equal respect, kindness, help, and time in every aspect of life. Mainly it is to reach the perimeter of human nature and its creations, and it is about using the mind and heart to spread it.

Equal rights for all and sundry lead to the essence of humanity that bring a peaceful environment to society. It is a human responsibility to understand people’s needs, troubles, and to rid by giving them help without bigotry, ethnicity, color, theology, and gender discrimination. If someone keeps all united and gives them value, it is the base of the pillars of society. Value everyone! All need to be valued, have a right to keep smiles on their faces, celebrate the joyful moment in the peaceful atmosphere, especially for those who do not have these facilities.
It is humanity that introduces all to peace, and consensus has always been atop humanity. This value teaches us to be thankful to our God for the comforts and conveniences we have at various stages of life. It’s quite common to believe that if society is peaceful, it’s just because of valuing the society. Here welfare with high passion is willing to do all that is needed in this regard, especially in social justice.
The main issues irking our society are health, education, climate change, and poverty. The question is why this organization wants all to know about other religions to promote diversity. A lot of people in this world are unaware of interfaith harmony. This is also necessary to understand the teachings and elements of peace promotion in our society are trying to spread intolerance, injustice, and inequality by making us materialistic.
Secondly, mentors, scholars, pandits, pastors, and maulvis got united to promote peace in society. They loved to be united to show their followers that some negative elements are bone of contention. It leads Pakistan in interfaith harmony.
The organization came into being in 2012 in London, United Kingdom. Many people from different races and regions came and gathered, then they formed a big goal. They are working as a team in several areas on this planet by now. Welfare has been spread in more than 60 regions of the world. Therefore, they all aim at spreading humanity following the teachings of Hussain RA.
Despite all challenges, they are doing utmost to bring peace, harmony, social cohesion, and tolerance. These are the main objectives of this organization. For the same, they keep arranging social awareness program and peace walks to promote social cohesion and to remove intolerance from society.

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