Zhob protesters demand transparent domicile verification


ZHOB (By Rafiullah Mandokhail) Zhob Qaumi Jirga staged a protest demonstration in-front of Zhob Press Club and demanded the verification of local and domicile certificates in a transparent manner. The protest demonstration was attended by Jirga members and social activists in a large number. The protesters carrying play cards chanted full throat slogans against the issuance of fake local and domicile certificates and termed it the negligence of the concerned authorities. 

Addressing on the occasion, Chairman Zhob Qaumi Jirga Akhter Shah Mandokhail, Mullah Ahmad Khan Mandokhail, Bismillah Appozai, Ubaidullah Mandokhail and Adnan Shalezai said that Jirga welcomes the decision of the government to verify the issued local domicile certificates, but in Zhob the certificates are being issued to non-residents after gracing the officials’ palm.
They demanded of the government to include the Jirga members to verification committee, so the verification process could be completed transparently.
The Jirga members said that people from Punjab, Khyber Pashtoonkhwa and other areas have obtained local and domicile certificates, besides the medical seats they have gotten federal jobs. The Jirga has submitted its objections to the Deputy Commissioner office.
“The local committee has been formed on political grounds and comprises non-local members. The committee is issuing certificates to those belonging to other parts of the country even to Afghan nationals,” they alleged.
The committee needs to be dissolved immediately and should be formed as per schedule two. They said.
Sagar Chand, who was recruited on a fake domicile by the Motorway Police, yet to be booked for forgery. Those involved in this illegal practice should be arrested and punished according to the law.
The protestors demanded that the decision of the High Court and the Ombudsman Court to verify the local domicile certificates after the 1970s should be implemented.
It is to me mentioned that local certificate – issued by the deputy commissioner office – is an important document, which certifies that the holder is a permanent resident of the respective district and it is used to avail provincial and federal level jobs, medical and engineering seats on Balochistan’s quota and scholarship opportunities for the students, while a domicile certificate is also issued to permanent residents, but those who have migrated to the district from other areas.
The certificate is issued under the country’s Citizenship Act 1951.

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