WSC demands to stop aggression on oppressed nations, respect human rights


LONDON (By Lala Hassan) Participants of a conference have resolved to resist all illegal dams on Indus River and urged international community to stop human rights violations against oppressed nations worldwide particularly in Sindh.

This was demanded by the speakers of 30th International conference, organized by World Sindhi Congress (WSC) here on Saturday at University of Westminster London.

The conference resolution said “Conference requests International Community to recognize and help to resolve the issue of the right of self-determination of Sindhi nation under the auspices of United Nations. The Conference rejects the initiatives to build a Diemer-Bhasha Dam on the Indus River”.

Krishan Sharma, Tom Degan, Peymana Asad, Dr Sarwar Shah and others. (ENN)

It further added that “Sindh and indigenous people are already suffering from the shortage of agriculture water and required discharge into the Arabian Sea to block the seawater intrusion into the mainland”.

The conference was addressed by Dr Hidayat Bhutto, Dr Rubina Shaikh, Dr Hasan Abbas, Reham Khan, Krishan Sharma, Lakhu Lohano, Peymana Asad, Tom Degan, Hamal Baloch, Yoana Barakova, Dr Sarwar Shah, Danish Mustafa, Dr Safdar Sarki, Raghvir Singh Sodho, Shaheryar Kabir, Ralph Bunche, Sardar Kamal Kashmiri, Hajan Kalhoro, Mujeeb Murtaza Shah, Atif Tauqeer, Ruhi Kalhoro, Abdul Sattar Soomro and others.

The conference was moderated by Saghir Shaikh, Lakhu Lohano and Gul Sanai

Speakers said “world is moving away from mega-dams because of the enormous cost and significant damage to the environment and the people. The Conference also demands Chief Justice of Supreme Court to stop collecting funds for the dam as he has no authority. It is beyond mockery of the justice system of the country.

The Conference resolved and called upon the government to recognize and protect the inalienable right of the indigenous people on their land and its resources. All undocumented immigrants including Afghans, Burmese and Bengalis should be repatriated to their native countries.

The conference participants condemned the language used by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf ministers and office bearers to sock division between permanent residents of Sindh and demand the administration to act against who are involved.

WSC expresses its deep resentment on recent demand of more provinces in Sindh by Pakistan establishment through their proxy ally. These proxies are promoting ethnic hatred and acrimony among the permanent residents of Sindh.

WSC urged peace-loving people of Sindhi and Urdu speaking communities to defeat all such designs of dividing them and thrusting a communal conflict in Sindh that serves cheap desires of ruling elites of Pakistan.

WSC believes that Sindh is not an administrative unit but a historical entity which cannot be divided at the whim of an opportunist group. WSC believes that people of Sindh will protect the integrity of Sindh at any cost.

Speakers demanded to stop human rights violations in Sindh particularly –en-forced disappearances and extra judicial killings.

They said judicial inquiry into the incidents of extrajudicial killings should be conducted and perpetrators should be brought to justice.

Speakers condemned the continuous atrocities against Hindus, mainly targeting women and teenage girls, who are being indiscriminately abducted, raped and forcibly converted to Islam.

In last few years, scores of such incidents occurred. There is a lack of security of religious places of Hindu community.

Speakers condemned the rise of systematic extremism which has resulted in the extreme attacks on peace-loving and secular people of Sindh. The suicide attacks on Sufi Shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar and Shia’s mosque in Shikarpur, killed men, women, including children.

They expressed grave concern over the rapid deterioration of education in Sindh. The lack of education facilities right from the Primary school to University and rampant corruption in the education department has ruined the education of Sindh.

They demanded that education emergency should be declared in Sindh, and corrupt elements should be purged from the department to salvage education of Sindh.  Sindh has been deprived of resources for development by successive governments and the meager resources allocated for development are being embezzled with complete disregard of civilized norms of governance.

Speakers said that that the Pakistani constitution provides a basis for extremism and discrimination by intertwining religion and state affairs; therefore, the religion should be separated from state affairs.

The conference was divided into sessions on Struggle for human rights: working together, Misappropriation of Natural Resources and Environmental Justice, Human Rights violations and the issues of en-forced disappearances.

Speakers urged various states to respect human rights, national and international obligations and, stop aggression on oppressed nations.

Singer Jatin Udasi performing cultural program. (ENN)

Indian young singer Jatin Udasi and his team tuned melodious songs in the evening which was very much enjoyed by the hundreds of participants from USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Pakistan, India, Netherlands and other parts of the world.

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