Women Day celebrations: Confidence building measures need to be taken in police


KARACHI (ENN) Women Day is being celebrated throughput world including Pakistan on Thursday. The day is marked by rallies, panel discussions, seminars, networking events and various performances at government level as well as women rights groups.

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Strengthening Participatory Organisation (SPO), Home based Women workers Federation (HBWWF), Aurat Foundation, War against Rape (WAR), Shirkat Gah, National Commission on the Status of Women, National Human Right Commission of Pakistan, Sindh Development Society (SDS), NARI Foundation and other different organizations and groups holding various events in different parts of the country.

International Women’s Day is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day is also a call to action through events large and small focusing on equality. It focuses on the Civic awareness, social, political and cultural achievements by the women and girls.

One police official (who is not authorised to be named in media) while sharing her views regarding women day told ENN that high ups and people to some extent are supportive but they always treat us as woman not the police officer. “This needs to be changed and behavioral change would take time in our society” she further added.

She said male colleagues always try to discourage us and they are being put on front and mostly are suggested to stay at back foot, which is sad part of our duty.

“Me and my late sister RS had joined police force with great enthusiasm being inspired of Military but we could join military due to some issues; however we joined police” she added.

She said sometimes good officers encourage us to work as police officer but mostly we are told mocked as ladies and high officials suggest us to deal only female related cases; therefore it discourages us.

She suggested that female officers should be given inquiry of difficult cases as to build their confidence and, to enhance their capabilities.

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