Woman raped, boy survived sodomy bid in Daska


SIALKOT (ENN) Local labourer Muhammad Riaz’s wife Sameena Bibi was raped on gunpoint at her house allegedly by two accused Iftikhar and Hamid, when she was alone in village Mitraanwali-Bambaanwala, Daska tehsil on Saturday.

Police told accused fled away after the crime; however on the report of the victim, the police have registered a case against both accused with no arrest.

A minor boy foiled the attempt of his sodomy by raising his alarm in village Harsiyaan-Bambaanwala Daska tehsil.

Reportedly, local labourer Zia Ullah’s son Hassan Ali, 10 years went to a local shop for getting sweets from there, when two local accused vagabonds Ansab and Bilal took him to the local girls’ primary school, where they tried to molest him criminally.

Some local people reached there after listening his alarm. Accused fled away. Boy foiled attempt of his sodomy by raising alarm. Police have registered a case, with no arrest.

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