Sikh pilgrims visit Gurudawara Babey Di Beri in Sialkot


SIALKOT (ENNS) The hundreds of the male and female Sikh Yatrees (pilgrims) on Thursday visited Gurudawara Babey Di Beri Sialkot here, amid tight security.

They participated in their religious rites there. They also refreshed their pre-partition memories as well.

While talking to the newsmen at Gurudawara Babey Di Beri Sialkot here today, the Sikh pilgrims highly hailed Pakistan government’s efforts for looking their sacred places and providing and safeguarding the rights of the minorities in Pakistan.

The Sikh pilgrims led by Navneet Kaur highly hailed the Pakistan government’s sincere efforts for ensuring the religious freedom of the minorities and safeguarding the sacred places and Gurudawaras of the Sikh community in Pakistan.

They also thanked Pakistan for rendering the splendid hospitality to the visiting Sikh Yatrees (pilgrims) reached here from Pakistan and across the World.

The Sikh leaders Sardar Sohan Singh, Sardar Manmohan Singh, Sardar Gurupareet Singh, Sardar Badal Singh, Preet Kaur, Naseeb Kaur and Sukh Pareet Kaur, while talking to the newsmen here today, said that there was no doubt to say that Pakistan was peaceful country and the people of Pakistan were also very peace-loving, saying that the Pakistanis have given marvelous love, affection, care and unforgettable hospitality to the visiting Sikh pilgrims.

They said that they felt it homelike while visiting Pakistan in a fully secured and love-filled atmosphere here in Pakistan.

“We have brought love here and will go back with the unforgettable love given them by the people of Pakistan”, they revealed.

They also pledged to make all out sincere efforts to promote the soft image of Pakistan globally as a peaceful and peace-loving country.

On this occasion, Sialkot’s Sikh Leader Sardar Jaskaran Singh Sidhu said that the Sikh community in Pakistan, India and Europe has warmly welcomed the Pakistan government’s proposed decision to open the Kartarpur border between Pakistan and India to facilitate the Sikh pilgrims in their visa-free entry to Darbar Sahib Kartarpur Shakargarh near here.

He said that visa-free entry of the Sikh pilgrims to Gurudawara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur, after opening the Pak-India Border near here, would be a great facility for the Sikh pilgrims as well.

On this occasion, the local Minorities MPA Mahinder Pal Singh said that India must give early positive response to Pakistan’s sincere efforts regarding opening of the Kartarpur border.

Meanwhile, Giyani Gobind Singh (Administrator Gurudawara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur-Shakargarh) told the newsmen that the early opening of Pak-India Border near Kartarpur was on cards.

Later, the Sikh Yatrees also visited the Darbar Sahib Kartarpur, Shakargarh near here and they participated in the three-day long religious rituals of the479th death anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak Dev Ji there.

According to the local security officials, some 3,000 Sikh devotees will attend the concluding ceremony of the event on 22nd.

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