Sikh-Christian Delegation commemorates Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak in Kartarpur


LAHORE (ENNS) To commemorate the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak (1469), the first guru of the Sikhs, a Christian-Sikh delegation organised in Kartarpur on the 23rd of November 2019.

The solidarity visit was focused on the theme ‘Pursuing Peace in a Pluralistic World’. The event brings together about 35 religious leaders, scholars and independent youth activists from the Christian, Sikh and Islamic traditions. This is the first time that the Ecumenical Commission for Human Development is hosted a Christian-Sikh solidarity visit to sacred place of Sikh religion in collaboration with Human before Religion, a Sikh tradition organization.
The theme of peace is at the heart of both Christianity and Sikhism.
A holistic understanding of peace, under girded by ideas of equality and fraternity, is also part of the Sikh tradition.
Guru Nanak emphasized universal kinship as the highest of religious aspirations and urged his followers to treat all human beings as brothers and sisters.
This solidarity visit is adopted a holistic understanding of peace which is intrinsic to the Christian and Sikh faith traditions bearing in mind that peace without justice is incomplete.

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