Sanitary workers most vulnerable during Covid-19 being neglected: SHRC


KARACHI (ENNS) Amidst the present endemic and spread of corona virus, the Government of Sindh has taken numerous measures to counter local spread including social isolation and spacing. The steps taken are provision of safety equipments to all front line fighters like doctors, para medics, law enforcing agencies and members of district administration and even public is being provided masks at some points but it has been noticed that the sanitary workers who are mandated to keep our cities and spaces clean and sanitized are not being provided with essential, lifesaving equipments to keep themselves safe from contracting virus.

It is pertinent to mention that as per WHO guidelines, maintaining hygiene and sanitation within the public spaces plays an important role in countering the spread of the pandemic, but the sanitary workers who are working day and night to keep public spaces clean and sanitized are not being given due protection.
Distributing masks and gloves of substandard quality are not enough to save lives of the sanitary workers.
The Commission keeping in view the vulnerability of the sanitary workers urge the district/City Municipal Authorities and district administration all over the Sindh Province to ensure security of the sanitary workers with the provision of ample safety equipments so that safety of our front line fighters who are fighting to keep our spaces clean and sanitized could be ensured.

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