Religious leader allegedly tortured to death his wife in Sambrial, buried secretly


SIALKOT (ENNS) An accused husband allegedly tortured to death his wife over forbidding him to do immoral activities in village Jethikey, Sambrial tehsil, more than two weeks ago.

The accused husband and in-laws staged a drama of her natural death and buried her instantly after her murder.

This murder came under light, when some local women disclosed that they had witnessed several brutal torture signs on victim’s body.

These women had given “Ghusal”, the final bath to victim’s dead body.

Earlier, the victim’s in-laws had buried her in hurry after declaring it as natural death.

According to FIA, the accused Tahir Farooq, who is also a prayer leader of a local mosque, often used to torture his wife Parveen Bibi, who was mother of a seven years old son Ali Hamza, for stopping him to do the immoral acts, as the accused was stated to be involved in illegal activities.

On the day of July 22, 2018 (sixteen days ago), accused Tahir Farooq (Imam of local mosque) brutally tortured his wife Parveen Bibi physically with the help of his other family members, due to which she died, the FIR revealed.

Sambrial police have registered a murder case (No. 519/2018) under sections 34 and 302 PPC on the report of victim’s brother Muhammad Farooq against accused Tahir Farooq (husband of the victim), his brother Amir Farooq, their mother Kaneez Bibi and sister Rani Bibi, with no arrest, in this regard.

Meanwhile, victim Parveen Bibi’s  village Pindi Raawaan, Malikwal tehsil (Mandi Bahaud Din district) based brother Muhammad Farooq, the petitioner of this case, told by telephone that she had been Hafiz-e-Quran and had taught Quranic education to more than 100 local girls.

He said that the Sambrial police was reluctant to arrest the accused nominated in the FIR.

He said that the Sambrial police have registered this case after the sixteen days to this brutal incident, as the police adopted delaying tactics for sixteen days in registering this murder case. He alleged that now police was reluctant to arrest the accused nominated in this case.

He said that victim’s minor son Ali Hamza (7 years old) was also there in the custody of the accused and he feared they will kill this child as well.

He said that victim Parveen Bibi had caught her accused husband Tahir Farooq red handed while raping women at different times at her home as well. Due to which, he used to torture her brutally physically, he alleged.

Petitioner of this case Muhammad Farooq further told that he has submitted a petition in a concerned court in Malikwal(Mandi Bahaud Din district) ,seeking court’s orders regarding the autopsy of the victim Parveen Bibi after exhuming her  grave as well.

He said that the local court in Malikwal has fixed August 11, 2018 for the hearing of this petition as well.

The grieved family has urged the Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab Dr. Hassan Askari Inspector General of Police Punjab and Sialkot District Police Officer (DPO) Abdul Ghafar Qaisarani to direct the Sambrial-Sialkot police to ensure the early arrest of the accused besides ensuring the early justice to the grieved family.

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