PTI’s member Sindh Assembly sentenced to three years imprisonment in fraud case


HYDERABAD (ENN) Tando Adam’s court on Thursday sentenced Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh Assembly member Dewan Sachanand to three years in prison in a case pertaining to a bounced cheque.

During the hearing, Judge Kamran Kalhoro handed a three-year prison term to Sachanand after he was proven guilty in fraud case. Sachanand had issued a cheque of Rs10 million to a person named Seth Ayub Rajput which bounced owing to insufficient funds in his account.

Rajput had filed a case against Sachanand which was heard for years. Sachanand had earlier been granted bail in the case. The PTI MPA was arrested from the court premises following the court verdict.

Moreover Sachanand was elected member of the Sindh Assembly on a reserved minority seat during the general elections 2018.

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