President, CM, Governor Sindh pay tribute to Jinnah


KARACHI (ENNS) President Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi here on Friday said the Karachi Transformation Package (KTP) would complete within the stipulated three years’ time with close cooperation and coordination between the federal and provincial governments.

“The people have doubts about such packages and I want the same to be efficiently and successfully dispelled,” President Alvi added.
He was talking to media persons here on the premises of Mazar-e-Quaid after offering Fateha on the occasion of the Father of Nation’s death anniversary.
The president reiterated that both the federal and provincial governments had to come forward and work hard to ensure maximum cooperation.
He said if the needed level of cooperation and coordination were maintained between the two for three years there was no reason that the targets set under the Karachi Transformation Package were not achieved. “I have requested both the federal and provincial governments to maintain cooperation with utmost sincerity and through concerted effort s,” he said, adding the sincerity of intentions were key to success. President said, “the nation is ready to turn the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s vision for Pakistan into a reality.”
He said the reason he was sounding confident about the fate of the people of Pakistan was the discipline that was registered among almost every section of the society during the recent wave of COVID-19.
“It is no mean feat that Pakistan for the first time is being added in the list of the countries that are in leading position to guide nations in efficient handling of a global pandemic.
“Our nation has shown an exemplary level of preparedness, which through proper guidance and leadership can be turned into a mindset prerequisite for development in its truest sense,” he said.
Citing the experience as a blessing of Allah Almighty, he said there were definite reasons for the same as not only the government literally attempted to support the poorest of the poor through programme like Ehsaas but philanthropists along with medical community came forward to brave the challenge.
The role of religious scholars and media in raising public awareness and convincing the masses to follow the precautions was again an achievement, he added.
What the people needed right now was an efficient and sincere leadership,”which I hope will be ensured by both the federal and provincial governments,” he said.
Earlier President Alvi, along with Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and Governor Sindh Imran Ismail offered Fateha and laid a wreath on the Quaid’s grave.

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