Powerlifter Maryam Nasim secures bronze medal in international event


ISLAMABAD (ENN) Pakistani-Australian powerlifter Maryam Nasim, who had sustained a back injury earlier, defied all odds and secured a bronze medal at the Avia Powerlifting competition on Sunday.

Avia Powerlifting competition, which is being held under Powerlifting Australian and approved by the International Powerlifting Federation, invites powerlifters from diverse nationalities residing across Australia.

Maryam, who won a Silver medal, last year, participated in the 63 kilo grammes category of the event alongside participants from seven other countries.

After winning the medal, the power lifter thanked her parents and her coach in a social media post.

Maryam, who hails from Peshawar, is no less than superwoman. She works as a banker at day and follows her passion for power lifting at night.

The powerlifter currently resides in Australia, where she went to pursue higher education. She is known to be an expert at dead lifting, squats and bench press.

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