Poor religious minority women, men brutally tortured, injured, dozens arrested in Moro


NAUSHAHRO FEROZE/ MORO (ENNS) Moro police led by SSP Naushahro Feroze brutally tortured and arrested women and men of religious minority community (Bagrri-known as low caste Hindus) for their protest against the killing of their female Mevy Bagrri here at Moro by pass district Naushahro Feroze, Sindh province.

Police after heavy shelling and brutal baton charge arrested dozens of people including nationalist leaders Hashim Khoso and, others.

According to political and social activist’s police officers even did not get satisfied after that brutal action and later police conducted raids on the houses of Bagrri community and manhandled women and men.

Police detained arrested persons at various police stations of the Moro tehsil. Police registered different cases against protesting people charging them with anti-terrorism act 1997.

Naushahro Feroze: Political and social activists addressing the press conference. (ENNS)

According to police protesters blocked the national high way; therefore action was taken. Protesters injured three policemen, claimed the police.

Hashim Khoso of Jeay Sindh Mahaz, who was later, released, Ashraf Laghari, Mehmood Awan, comrade Masroor Chandio, Raza Muhammad, Khalid and others addressing a press conference at press club Naushahro Feroze told that after the murder of Mevi, police arrested some accused but all were released.

Police then made calls to Bagrri community people to withdraw the case, they alleged.

Leaders demanded Chief Justice of Pakistan, CJ Sindh and session Judge Naushahro Feroze for action and judicial inquiry into the matter.

Baggri community women alleged that police instead of arresting the killers detained their people as to harass them and asked to withdraw the case. They told that they held protest infront Moro press club, police station but all in vein and, then they held demonstration at National High way to seek justice for Mevi.

They alleged that police brutally tortured women and men and, over 50 persons were arrested during and after the protest.

Mevi was killed three days ago in Moro by unknown. Bagrris live in tents and use to change their places and most of them are beggars and society considers them as second grade citizens of the country.

The females are usually humiliated by the influential including police. Leaders of political and nationalist parties said the woman was murdered and police arrested their persons as to silent them because police even do not consider these poor Bagrris as humans.

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