Police brutality on its height in Moro: Poor Hindu community woman succumbed to her injuries, indiscriminate operation on Bagrris


MORO/ DADU (ENNS) A poor female of Hindu community (Bagrri) succumbed to her injuries here on Friday after brutally tortured by police. According to reports Mujaweri was injured in shelling and baton charge of the police during protest for the arrest of killers of Mevi Bagrri.

Police have been still hunting for Bagrris by conducting raids everywhere as they were citizens of enemy country and due to fear the dead body of Mujaweri was shifted to Dadu district for funeral, told the family.

She was then shifted to Qazi Ahmed for treatment but later she passed away. Doctors said she died due to heart attack.

Police have been conducting raids on the houses of political workers as well, who were part of the protest as they have been booked under anti-terror law.

Protests started after the tortured body of Mevi Bagrri was found in bag near old agriculture bank and police arrested three family members; therefore protests were held in Moro for the arrest of real perpetrators.

According to political workers SSP had arrived on the spot and he ordered to disburse but protesters demanded the release of innocent family members and the arrest of accused involved in murder.

They said SSP got annoyed over this and brutal un-announced operation was launched against Baggris (poor Hindu community) and political workers as well.

Syed Zain Shah of Sindh United Party, Ameer Azad of JSQM Arisar, Asghar Zardari of PPP Shaheed Bhutto, Younus Rahu, Syed Mukhtiar Ali Shah, GM Sabqi, Ghulam Farid Kalhoro and others have strongly condemned the police brutality.

They said charging over 150 persons under anti-terror law reveals the personal vendetta of police, which is totally un-acceptable.

Police got remand of arrested Satram, Mirzo and Majno Bagrri two days after their arrest, but those were arrested after the murder of Mevi four days ago.

Political leaders alleged that Moro had been changed into police state and officers were violating the law by beating and killing innocent people.

Moreover the Civil Society representatives have made appeal to Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo motu action against police brutality.

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