PM orders probe into forced conversion, marriages of teen age Hindu sisters


ISLAMABAD (ENN) Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered probe into reports of abduction, forced conversion and underage marriages of two teenage Hindu sisters and directed for immediate steps for their recovery.

State Interior Minister Shaheryar Afridi after the orders of PM Khan, directed Inspector General of Police Sindh to report back at earliest on the issues.

According to reports kidnapped both girls had been shifted to Rahimyar Khan district of Punjab as it has borders with Ghotki district of Sind.

The incident came to light after the father and brother of the girls, in videos that went viral on social media, said that the two sisters were abducted and forcefully converted to Islam.

Raveeta Bai and Reena Bai are under 18 and were kidnapped as per FIR registered from known accused from their house on the day of Holi.

Police after the directions of PM started crack down against perpetrators and have arrested the religious clerk who allegedly performed the Nikah (Marriage contract) told sources.

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