PM announces health cards, RO plants, mobile hospitals for poverty hit Tharparkar


MITHI (ENN) The Prime Minister Imran Khan has once against offered talks to India for the resolving the issues instead of indulging into War. This he said while addressing the large gathering at Chahhro, Tharparkar on Friday.

Responding to the criticism by the opposition, he reiterated that U-turn was necessary for every leader to achieve the required targets.

The prime minister announced health package to Thari people under which Insaf health cards will be provided to 112000 families of the Tharparkar. The card will cover medical facility up to Rs 620000 to every deserving family in any hospital.

He said the biggest objective of his party after assuming charge of prime Minister is to eradicate the poverty.

PM further said that he was aware that Thar is remote area with fewer facilities for living with dignity; hence he chose Tharparkar for his visit as the area is most poverty stricken in Pakistan, where 75% of the population is living below the poverty line.

The Prime Minister also announced two mobile hospitals and 14 ambulances to extend health facilities for the people of Thar.

He said “Thar is mines producing area including coal and copper. The income of these mines will be now spent first time in Thar only.

The Prime Minister announced 100 RO plants to overcome water shortage in the area. He also said electricity will be provided by the solar means.

He said federal Government will do everything for the development of Tharparkar.

Imran Khan said his Government won’t allow anyone to commit atrocities against Hindus and other religious minorities.

He further said minorities are enjoying equal rights in Pakistan without any discrimination.

The prime minister was accompanied by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and former chief Minister Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim and others.

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