PAT senior leader Gandapur shouting over hostel girls


ISLAMABAD (By Azhar Khan) Pakistan Awami Tehreek’s (PAT) and Minhaj-ul-Quran’s senior leader Khurram Nawaz Gundapur  can be seen in a video that went viral on social media, shouting over hostel girls as they demanded facilities in hostel.

Some girls tried to share their problems being faced in the hostel but Gandapur out rightly rejected those demands and shouted while saying shut off, keep quiet. Video further shows that he threatened girls of dire consequences to throw them out of hostel.

One of the girls tried to speak but was badly snubbed by Gandapur.

However Gandapur while talking to media accepted that he shouted over girls but those were violating their hostel “Code” as they went out of hostel beyond the time. He said if they violated their code, girls should be shouted and dealt accordingly.

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