Pakistan: Religion for politics!


Pakistani society is mix of religious extremism and  secular thoughts (Soofism) but whenever prominent leaders use “religion or religious saints/ personalities” for political benefits, it has badly damaged efforts of progressive people.

Same kind of scene was observed when Imran Khan visited the tomb at Pak Pattan, Punjab with his wife. IK is seen bowing down at the door (stairs) followed by his wife, shows video clip, viral on social media, being criticised and, applauded.

people on social media are criticizing Khan for such act as Daveband school of thought do feel is better that people should bow down (what they call it “Sajda”) at the stairs (floor) of saints.

Pakistani political leaders often use religion and saints for their political advantages as in past same was observed when Ms Benazir Bhutto sit down in front spiritual leader in Larkana, Sindh.

While Nawaz Sharif did the same as he used always religion but at the end he was caught by same articles of constitution which were appreciated in the past by him and his party.

There is no issue in vising the shrines of Saints but use of those shrines, saints and religion for political gains can be a disastrous for any society.

(By M. H. Khan)

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