Narowal: 95 transgender likely to guard women polling stations


SIALKOT (ENNS) As many as 95 registered transgenders were most likely to be deputed as “police guards” at different female polling stations established in Narowal district to secure these female polling stations, due to the acute shortage of the police women in Narowal district.

According to the local senior officials, there were only 23 women police personnel in Narowal police, while the district administration and Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) were requiring 117 female police constables for their security duties at the different polling stations in Narowal district on July 25, 2018.

The senior officials added that there were total 95 registered transgenders in Narowal district and the concerned officials have conducted their interviews for deputing them on this special security duty at the female polling stations in Narowal district for these general elections, as there was a shortage of females in Narowal police as well.

However, the transgenders said that they were ready to perform these special duties on the local female polling stations, saying that they (transgenders) were competent enough to fulfill the duties.

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