“Lawyer involved in physical violence may loose license for life” PTI govt secretly submits amendment Bill


ISLAMABAD (ENNS) The federal government is planning to amend Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Act to introduce the cancellation of Lawuers’ license for life if involved in physical assault, said the sources. 

This Act may be called the Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils (Amendment) Act, 2019.
According to details amendment in section 41, Act XXXV of 1973.—In the Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Act, 1973, in section 41, the following new subsection (6), shall be added, “(6) The license of a legal practitioner shall be cancelled for life in case of physical violence against any person by him and the license shall also be cancelled if the legal practitioner is involved in cheating, fraud, forgery, false affidavits and deliberate concealment of facts.”
The statement of objects and reasons portion adds “in view of recent incidents of protests turning into violent activities involving members of legal profession and to ensure peaceful environment in the legal profession and judicial proceedings, in future the aforesaid amendment has been proposed”.
However Sindh Bar Council passed unanimous resolution against such proposed amendment and demanded withdrawal of Bill.
According to spokesperson Muhammad Naeem, the SBC meeting was presided by its Vice chairman Hyder Imam Razvi at Bar office.

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