Kohistan video killing case: Accused confessed murdering three girls


ISLAMABAD (By Lala Hassan) Authorities finally have nabbed the killers of Kohistan video girls killing after six years through DNA, told sources. Accused have confessed their crime during investigation said police sources; however those accused kept claiming that girls were alive.

Four accused Umar Khan, Saber, Mohamad Sarfraz and Saeer confessed crime after were taking into custody by police few days ago. They confessed the killing of three girls shown in Kohistan video (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) that went viral on social media namely Begum Jan, Shireen Jan/ Amina and Bazigha.

The suspects have been charged with murder, criminal conspiracy, misleading Government officials, cheating and fraud. According to police arrested four suspects were the close relatives of the victims.

According to District Police Officer Kohistan, Iftikhar Khan the raids are being conducted to arrest the remaining eight suspects who produced other fake girls, claiming that these were the girls shown in video.

According to activist Haseeb Khawaja DNA and NADRA’s figure print report proved that fake girls were presented before investigators.

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