Indian shelling near Sialkot working boundary, effective response by Pakistan


SIALKOT (ENN) Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) resorted to unprovoked intensified shelling on Pakistani border villages in Shakargarh sector of Sialkot Working Boundary here mid-night between Monday and Tuesday.

According to the senior officials of the Punjab Rangers, the Indian BSF started shelling on border villages including Agor and Laisser Kalan in Sialkot Working Boundary’s Shakargarh Sector at 01:00 am to 04:00 am (which remained continued for three hours intermittently).

This Indian shelling created panic and harassment among the local people.

However, the Punjab Rangers responded instantly and effectively, besides, making the Indian guns silent, the Punjab Rangers officials added.

No loss of life, property or any injury was reported, confirmed the senior officials.

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