In search of Chinese grooms! Pakistani Christian women trapped through Muslim agents


ISLAMABAD/ SIALKOT (ENN) Marriages of Pakistanis and Chinese revealing new stories day by day as crack down by Federal Investigating Agency (FIA) continues in Pakistan.

According to FIA two dozen Chinese citizens including Pakistanis have been taken into custody from Islamabad, Lahore and Faisalabad.

Chinese grooms have disappeared after crackdown as Pakistani brides were looking for them after the crackdown.

Sadia Maseeh, a Pakistani woman married to a Chinese citizen, and her family has sought Pakistani government’s help in finding out her Chinese husband and his relatives, which have stated to be “vanished” after airing the scandal of Pakistani women’s marriages with Chinese males for trafficking purposes on Pakistani media and even on the international media.

Sialkot’s Village Nonar-Zafarwal based labourer Haleem Maseeh’s daughter Sadia (20) told the newsmen that she was married to a Chinese citizen Zhang Fan (35) In Islamabad on March 03, 2019, as her Chinese husband Zhang Fan had shown the golden dreams of her lucid future in China besides assuring financial support to her poor family.

She said that prolonged poverty of her family paved the way to this marriage. she said that some Christian people in Islamabad approached her family and proposed her marriage with Chinese citizen.

She said that after this marriage her husband Zhang Fan kept her in a big house in I-8 Sector Islamabad, where several other Pakistani women, married to the Chinese males, were kept amid tight security.

Sadia said that as the news of Pakistani women’s marriages with Chinese males scandal was aired on media, the Chinese people including her husband Zhang Fan, suddenly disappeared from there, leaving all the affected women stranded there in Islamabad. Later, she reached back her home her with the help of some local people in Islamabad.

“I am only two months old bride, but my Chinese husband Zhang Fan has “vanished” with his other Chinese relatives by leaving her stranded”, she added.

“I had seen the golden dreams for myself and family’s lucid future in China before and after this marriage, but my all the dreams have become ruined” Sadia added. Now, I have no other option to get this marriage dissolved with the help of Government of Pakistan”, she revealed.

According to sources over 150 women were married with Chinese men through Pakistani agents and most of the women belonged to Christian faith as some men claimed to be Muslims and married with Muslims females.

Moreover Chinese authorities in statement had said that they were extending their cooperation with Pakistan but had rejected reports that Pakistani women were being used for prostitution or their organs were sold over there.

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