Imran Khan’s NA-243 Karachi nomination papers challenged amid Seeta white case


KARACHI (ENN) An appeal against PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s nomination papers filed from NA-243 Karachi was filed on Tuesday afternoon.

The PTI chairman has submitted nominations from National Assembly constituencies in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, and Mianwali.

Citizen Abdul Wahab Baloch filed an appeal against Imran Khan’s candidature with a returning officer here on Tuesday over the Sita White case.

The PTI chief’s legal counsel Imran Ismail appeared before court and was asked if he had received a copy of the appeal. To this, Ismail applied in affirmitive and asked for some time for cross-examination.

Ismail informed the court that the PTI chief was in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah.

“Only Imran can respond in this case, hence we ask till June 19 since the PTI chief will return to the country on June 18,” said Ismail.

To this, the court said that the appeal was not a judicial case and the rules outlined by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) were to be followed. It ordered Ismail to file a request for an extension to submit a respond, the verdict on which will also be announced on June 19.

Ismail then submitted a written request, asking the court for more time to submit a response to the appeal against Imran’s candidature.

Scrutiny of Imran’s nomination papers was then postponed till June 19, which is the last date for the process.

While talking to the Media outside the court, Ismail said that the accusations had been levelled against Imran either to gain ‘cheap publicity’ or at someone’s behest.

“They either drag in Sita White or ask Reham Khan to write a book,” Ismail said.

“The allegations pertain to (Imran’s) personal life and the Supreme Court has already cleared all objections (in this regard),” he said.

Appeals against any objection to the decisions of returning officers can be filed by June 22, after the scrutiny process ends on June 19.

The verdicts on appeals will be announced by June 27, after which, the revised list of candidates will be issued on June 28.

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