If you are “brave commando”, return on Thursday, SC orders Musharraf


LAHORE (ENNS) Supreme Court (SC) here on Wednesday ordered former president general (rtd) Pervez Musharraf to return to Pakistan by Thursday, June 14.

The apex court on June 7 had ordered the former president to appear before court and assured he would not be arrested upon appearance. Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar had said the apex court would pass an order ensuring authorities to not arrest Musharraf before his appearance in court.

While hearing the case on Wednesday at the Supreme Court’s Lahore Registry, the chief justice said the former president should return to the country by 2pm on Thursday. “The verdict will be announced in compliance with the law upon Musharraf’s failure to follow the orders,” he said.

The apex court noted that it was not bound to comply with any conditions set forth by Musharraf.

“Musharraf was assured he would get protection but we are not bound to issue a written assurance to him,” said Chief Justice Nisar.

“He [Musharraf] should come [to the court]if he is a commando,” remarked the chief justice. “Like politicians, he should not keep claiming he will return.” “How is a [brave]commando so afraid?”

Chief Justice Nisar further remarked that the scrutiny of Musharraf’s nomination papers for the upcoming General Election 2018 would not be allowed if he failed to return to Pakistan.

“What does Musharraf need protection from and what is he so afraid of?” remarked the chief justice.

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