Gurdawara Babey Di Beri renovated in Sialkot


SIALKOT (ENN) In Sialkot, the Sikh community’s sacred religious place Gurdawara Babey Di Beri has been renovated to facilitate the Sikh community.

The renovation work has been completed under the supervision of Pakistan government, enabling the Sikhs from across the World to reach here to perform their religious rites, after decade’s long closure of this Gurdawara, which was now welcoming the Sikh Yatrees (pilgrims) from everywhere.

Incharge Gurdawara Babey Di Beri Sialkot Sardar Jaskaran Singh Sidhu told that the Sikh community was much delighted on this renovation of this historical Gurdawara in Sialkot.

He said that the male and female Sikh Yatrees (pilgrims) from World’s different countries were reaching here to perform their religious rites at this Gurdawara as well.

Meanwhile, during his recent visit to Gurdawara Babey Di Beri Sialkot here, the Chairman Pakistan Council for Social Welfare and Human Rights (PCSWHR) Muhammad Ejaz Noori said that the minorities have been enjoying complete religious freedom in Pakistan.

Chairman PCSWHR added that the minorities were also playing their pivotal role in national political and economic stability, prosperity, peace through weeding out terrorism from Pakistan. He said that the government was making all out sincere efforts for protecting all the rights of the minorities.

He said that every religion of the world gives the lessons of love, peace, affection, solidarity, respect of humanity, tolerance and religious harmony.

On this occasion, Sikh Leader Sardar Jaskaran Singh highly hailed the Pakistan’s sincere efforts for ensuring the religious freedom of the minorities and safeguarding the sacred places and Gurudawaras of the Sikh community in Pakistan.

He said that there was no doubt to say that Pakistan was peaceful country and the people of Pakistan were also very peace-loving, saying that the Pakistanis have given marvelous love, affection, care and unforgettable hospitality to the visiting Sikh pilgrims.

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