Doctor’s son repeatedly raped, killed teen age domestic worker in Lahore


LAHORE (ENNS) The family of a minor domestic worker, who died after the alleged sexual assault and improper administration of medicines, staged a protest here on Friday night near the Jallo Railway Station of Batapur.

The relatives kept the body of the deceased teenaged girl with them at the protest.

According to the bereaved family, 14-year-old Iqra used to work at the residence of a doctor, whose son repeatedly raped her for some time. In order to cover up the issue, the relatives of the deceased claimed that the sexual predator administered the wrong medication to the teenage girl.

The un-prescribed medicines negatively impacted the deceased’s kidneys, causing her condition to deteriorate and eventually leading to her passing away, the family asserted, explaining her mysterious death.

The family voiced their appeal to the government to provide justice for Iqra.

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