Diplomats visit Sialkot, focus on mutual cooperation


SIALKOT (ENN) The junior foreign diplomats from different European, African, Central and South Asian, Far and Middle East Countries on Monday, extended their full support  and cooperation to Sialkot exporters for the promotion of their bilateral trade and ensuring the direct easy access of Sialkot-made products to these countries.

They made this assurance while addressing an important meeting of the Sialkot exporters held at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI). Acting SCCI President Waqas Akram Awan and Director General of Pakistan Foreign Services Academy Islamabad Syed Ibne Abbas jointly presided over the meeting. SCCI Vice President Aamir Hameed Bhatti and Chairman of Sialkot international airport’s Business Development Committee Mian Naeem Javaid also attended the meeting.

The junior foreign diplomats assured to make all out sincere efforts to ensure the easy access of Sialkot made export products to their countries, besides, promising to promote positive and soft business image of Sialkot-Pakistan globally.

The foreign diplomats  namely Mohammed Abed, Djamal Eddine Kirat (Algeria), Babu Kris Browne (Antigua and Barbuda), Elchin Mehdiyev (Azerbaijan), Lihua Zeng( China), Ibrahim Mohamed Farah (Djibouti), Lamin Suwareh (Gambia), N’gamet Camara, Mohamed Fofana (Guinea), Abbas Abdul Hussain Mohammed Salih, Saif Abbas Hussain (Iraq), Isaak Mamo Jirma, Swabri Ali Abbas(Kenya), Melhin Mahmuti (Kosovo), Bokoloev Azat Bolotbekovish (Kyrgyzstan), Tharam Zarkpa Quaye(Liberia), Shafraz Rasheed (Maldives), Maya Camara(Mauritania), Ananda Chuwai, Sangita Neupane (Nepal), Ailson Botelho (Sao Tome and Principe ), Sydney Leslie Campbell (Sierra Leone), Bohturov Nizomjon, Anandaliev Aminjon  (Tajikistan), Wichittra  Tanasukarn (Thailand), Baluku Ronald(Uganda) and Bakhodir Tashmanov (Uzbekistan) discussed in details the matters of mutual interest with Sialkot exporters as well.

Foreign diplomats showed keen interest in SCCI’s documentary “Sialkot, the City of Progressive People” which was screened during the meeting.

While, addressing the meeting, SCCI Acting President Waqas Akram Awan gave a detailed briefing to the visiting foreign diplomats about the socio-economic and human development of Sialkot on self-help basis by Sialkot exporters, achievements, targets, future goals of Sialkot’s export-oriented industries as well.

SCCI Acting President Waqas Akram Awan hoped that these foreign diplomats would help Sialkot exporters in expansion of trade between the above-mentioned countries by opening new avenues of economic and trade cooperation.

Earlier, the foreign diplomats also visited several leading industrial units in Sialkot. Flanked by the senior officials of the Pakistan Foreign Service Academy, the foreign diplomats showed keen interest in Sialkot-Pakistan made sports goods, musical instruments and surgical instruments, besides, showing their keen interest in direct import of Sialkot-made sports goods and surgical instruments direct from Sialkot instead of importing these products from the other countries on high prices.

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