APS massacre survivor thanks to all on over ‘big achievement’ in exams


ISLAMABAD (ENNS) Ahmed Nawaz, a student who was injured in the 2014 Army Public School (APS) massacre, said Sunday he thanked Pakistan for the encouragement on his outstanding performance in the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSEs).


 My International GCSE exam result just came out and I am very proud to announce that I got “6A*s and 2As “in my All eight exams. Thanks to my parents and all of you for supporting me.

This is a big success for me and takes me many steps closer to my admission in Oxford Uni.

He said he has dedicated his achievement to his late brother, Haris Nawaz, who was killed in the terrorist attack, Bacha Khan University, as well as other martyrs of Pakistan.

According to reports Nawaz is working with the UK Home Office on various projects geared at saving students, especially British Muslims, from extremist groups such as the Taliban and Daesh.

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