Anti dam protest held upon arrival of chief justice in London


LONDON (PR/ENN) A group of Citizens held protest demonstration against Dams on Indus River upon the arrival of Chief Justice Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar at Royal Nawab restaurant in London.

CJP while quoting those protesters indirectly said no one can stop building of the Dams in Pakistan and now as many as dams will be built. He was addressing a fund raising gathering in London.

However protesters chanted slogans “No dam on Indus River” Stop water theft and other slogans that annoyed the protocol officer of chief Justice and he complained with police to stop the protesters.

The police officer told him that they were protesting peacefully and the road for their way was opened; therefore they should go ahead as per schedule. A man in a video which become viral on social media can be heard while saying that those were shouting on us.

Moreover World Sindhi Congress, registered in UK, USA and Canada has condemned a TV channel that aired footage of Dr Alam Shah. Statement further adds that channel has violated privacy of a peaceful resident of the UK.

“We believe this is against the norms of professional journalism. The reporter has been biased in his report and has not given any coverage from interviews he conducted” statement said.

Rubina Shaikh, chairperson of WSC said “we Sindhis diaspora will continue to condemn proposals of any Dam construction on River Indus and will not be harassed by any propaganda.

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