Abdul Nabi Memon made CIS of United Memon Jamat


KARACHI (ENN) Senior Officer of Sindh Government Abdul Nabi Memon who served on many higher positions of administration, monitoring, HR and research has been nominated as Central Information Secretary of United Memon Jamat of Pakistan (UMJ) here on Wednesday. The announcement was made by Jamat’s President Aziz Memon after the meeting.

All over the Memon communities of Sindh has congratulated A Nabi Memon over his appointment as Information Secretary of UMJ and hoped that as the community has reposed their confidence over Mr Nabi, he will continue his efforts and endeavors for the welfare and wellbeing of whole community.

They said Nabi will perform for the benefits of the community without any discrimination through disseminating the initiatives to the general public and whole Memon communities especially with his visionary mind.

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