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Rickshaw driver conferences raping, killing girl


KARACHI (ENN/MD) An accused arrested by the Karachi police has confessed to raping and killing a six-year-old girl in Korangi, Karachi here on Saturday.

Girls’ body was found wrapped in a thick mat at 6 in the morning on Wednesday last week. Investigators had said the post-mortem of the girl showed she was raped and her neck was broken.

According to the police, Zakir, the main accused, said in his statement that he put the girl in a rickshaw at around 11:30 pm and drove the rickshaw for an hour. He said he was intoxicated when he took the girl to the Sunday bazaar ground around 12.30pm in Korangi.
According to Zakir’s statement, the victim was still alive after he raped her and was semi-conscious. He said she “suddenly jumped and broke her neck”.
The arrested man said he threw the girl in a garbage dump and went home and told his wife that he had been on a ride.
Police said that the suspect purchased a ticket to Multan and went home to get his clothes. He called his wife and said he wanted to escape from Karachi along with his children.
The rape and murder
A six-year-old was raped and killed in Karachi last week. Her body was found in a dumpster in the city, police told media.
The police officials said doctors in the preliminary medical report found that the girl, who lived in Korangi, was raped before being murdered.
“The girl’s body was found in a garbage dump at 6am,” he said, adding that eyewitnesses told police a rickshaw driver had left the six-year-old’s body there.

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