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Civil Society condemns video incitement to murder


KARACHI (ENNS) Civil Society activists, platforms and organizations express strongest protest and outrage at, and severest condemnation of, the appended video-recorded statement, purportedly of one Agha Iftikharuddin.

He has made direct, open, criminal death threats (with names and photographs) against high-profile citizens of Pakistan — calling for their being shot dead in a public chowk.
We call for an end to the impunity that appears to be available for blatantly criminal acts. We call for urgent, meaningful, effective action by the LEAs, the Intelligence Agencies and, in this case, especially by the FIA’s Cyber-Crimes Unit.

We demand restoration of the Rule of Law, together with Constitutional safeguards and protection of the Right to Life, Reputation, Honour and Dignity of every Pakistani citizen. The writ of the State has to be effective in the service of its citizens.
Civil society platforms, groups, organizations and human rights activists demand that this A.I. Mirza be arrested immediately and forthwith be charged with incitement to murder; and additionally he must be sued for defamation.

We demand immediate State protection for Hon. Justice Qazi Faez Isa and his family, as well as for all those named or depicted in the appended video-clip.
We demand the immediate arrest and fullest prosecution of the man spewing inveterate hatred and violence in the appended video-clip.

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