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COVID-19: SHRC demands job security, benefits to daily wagers, contract employees


KARACHI (ENNS) The Sindh Human Rights Commission is a statutory body established under Sindh Protection of Human Rights Act 2011, with a mandate to promote and protect Human Rights in Sindh Province.
The Commission applauds the timely and proactive response of Sindh Government over the pandemic which has taken over the entire world and greatly challenging the healthcare facilities and economic activity around the globe.
The timely steps by the Government of Sindh which includes closure of schools, offices, businesses and lock down of the province for enforcing social distancing has brought considerable decline in the contraction of new cases.
Further, the Commission asserts all the private businesses and charity organizations play their part in supporting the Government of Sindh by enforcing its orders of ensuring job Security of daily wagers and contractual employees and timely payments to all.
The Commission also takes cognizance of few of the private entities ignoring /refraining to implement government orders and emphasize over the authorities to keep a close eye over such elements as such defiance can result increase in cases in the coming days which will be fatal to others.
Statement issued by Justice (R) Majida Rizvi added that the Commission would like to pay tribute to the Chief Minister Sindh, its cabinet, doctors, Para-medical staff, police, health officials, district administration and other front line defenders fighting against the pandemic by risking their lives.

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