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Politicising Sindh IGPs need to stop: Calm, obliging Mushtaq Mahar to replace Imam


ISLAMABAD (By Azhar Khan) The federal cabinet here on Friday approved Mushtaq Mahar’s appointment as Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sindh, according to Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan.
In her social media post, Dr Awan said “The federal cabinet has approved the appointment of Mushtaq Mehr as IG Sindh”.
“The decision has been made after consultations with the province’s governor and the Sindh government’s demand,” the premier’s aide added.
The federal and Sindh governments had been at loggerheads over the appointment of the new IGs since posting of AD Khuwaja.
It is pertinent to note that Federal government had refused to replace Khuwaja after the court orders.
The transfers demands by Sindh government were challenged by NGO representatives, who are not members of Sindh Public Safety commission.
AD Khuwaja finally was replaced by federal government during care taker set up.
Then Kalim Imam issue took the same hype when Sindh government wrote federal government to remove Imam.
In between prime minister Imran Khan, called upon Imam at Islamabad and had meeting with him before transfer as a rare move.

Sindh opposition put weight in support of IGP but finally Imam has been replaced by Mr Mahar.
On the other side PTI government itself changed atleast four IGPs in Punjab, Islamabad and KP.
Mr Mahar is well known for his polite, calm and obliging nature has to accommodate Sindh government as well as federal government and Sindh opposition.

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