141 murdered, 8 among 75 women raped, gang raped in Sialkot during current year


SIALKOT (By Abid Mehdi) Atleast 141 people were murdered and 182 people injured during 2018 in Sialkot district of Punjab. The current year provide gloomy for the grieved families of these slain people in bordering district to India.

 According to the official police statistics, as many as 75 women were raped (out of which 67 women were raped and 8 women were gang raped) in separate rape incidents till December 20 in the whole district.

The dacoits, robbers and criminals took away gold ornaments, cash, electronics, vehicles and other valuables (worth millions of rupees) in 1281 incidents of dacoity, robbery and theft occurred in Sialkot district during 2018.

Five people were murdered on resistance during dacoity in separate incidents in Sialkot district.

Dacoits snatched a car from a citizen and 140 motorcycles from at gunpoint in separate dacoity and robbery incidents. While, the thieves took away 36 cars and 489 motorcycles in separate theft incidents.

The accused also burgled 299 houses and shops as well, besides, depriving the local farmers of their cattle in 123 separate incidents of cattle theft occurred in Sialkot district.

Sialkot City Circle stood first with the registration of maximum 3762 cases, Sialkot Saddar Circle remained at second position  by registering 3151 cases, Daska Circle police stood third by registering 3202 cases, Pasrur Circle police registered 2354 cases while Sambrial Circle police remained on fifth position  by registering 1352 cases during the year.

Local social, business, religious, human rights and political circles of Sialkot have expressed grave concern over the rising crime in Sialkot district.

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