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PM gives “strong” message to be part of amnesty scheme till 30th


ISLAMABAD (ENN) Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged all Pakistanis to declare assets including any benami (ownerless) accounts until June 30 as afterwards they will not get a chance to do so.

Prime Minister addressed the nation on Monday morning to take people into confidence in relation to the financial situation of the country.

In his address, PM Khan said that the institutions have all the data about assets and benami accounts and the public should benefit from the asset declaration/amnesty scheme.

He said that Pakistan cannot become a great nation until unless its citizens pay taxes.

The PM said that Pakistanis pay the least amount of taxes in the world but leads in charity.

In his message, the prime minister spoke about agenda on tax reforms and measures related to the economy.
He blamed PPP and PMLN governments without quoting names but said in last 10 years billions of dollar loan was taken by them.
He indirectly warned if wealthy people in and out of Pakistan failed to get benefit from schemes then may face consequences as government was aware of all wealthy people of Pakistan.

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